8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi,

    I wanted to share a tool that I think you would be interested in sharing on your blog because it attacks the paper clutter and disorganization in our daily lives. It is called NeatReceipts Scanalizer (www.neatreceipts.com).

    On Monday, NeatReceipts launched the next step in getting closer to complete paper management by introducing the latest version of their product Scanalizer, the only personal and portable scanner on the market that can scan receipts, business cards and any document up to 8.5” x 30” . Scanalizer has changed the way people organize and store information among their busy and often unorganized lives — with Scanalizer 2.5 and new features like color-scanning and a Document Organizer, the path to “organizational nirvana” is even easier to navigate.


  2. I’ve read over your blog a few times, and I find it’s something I’d really like to read on a regular basis. Problem is, I read blogs while on the go on my cellphone and your site doesn’t provide a full-text rss feed. Consequently I find I cannot add your blog to my regular reading list. I’d urge you to reconsider just what you intend to gain by limiting your rss feed to a truncated version rather than a full-text version. Please don’t treat your rss visitors as second rate to your more traditional website visitors. Thanks for considering this.

  3. “The UberTech can often be found in local internet cafes slurping down mass quantities of chai tea lattes and documenting his plans for world domination inside his little black Moleskine…”

    Same thing for me at the very moment, except the place is Ohio and it’s a double espresso instead of a chai tea latte.

    Great blog!

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