Is There A Free Copy Mindjets MindManager In Your Future?

5 thoughts on “Is There A Free Copy Mindjets MindManager In Your Future?”

  1. Lets say that GTD has change my life in ways that I have never thought possible.

    Before GTD, my credit was a chaos, not because money issues more because I lost the receipts, I lost the statements, I forgot to send the checks. I was a sad person, I want to be something that I was not and I want to show something I was not.

    Today, I have the executive mind I want at that time, my credit score is fixed, my files shine, and my career and live has boost…

    So the question was… What has done GTD… Has make me a better person…

  2. I found out about GTD some weeks ago and I’m now a true believer (so to speak).

    It’s amazing how much stuff I used to keep juggling in my mind; I had no idea until I got it all out in my external system. (The software I use is Maple prof. and DayMate, both are from

    Now I put everything in my system, including small stuff like what blog I’ve made a comment in so I don’t forget to look if I’ve got a answer, and so I don’t have to burden my mind with remembering it and worrying that I won’t. I sometimes have more than 15 comment-threads to keep track of, and now it all goes into a subcategory in my “waiting for” list (the url + a timestamp).

    I’ve noticed a reduction of my level of stress, although I’ve not reached the “mind like water” state yet. I still often get an urge to do something as soon as it strikes me, so that I don’t forget it. Like “I better answer that email right now, or I’ll forget to answer it!” However, that urge is getting weaker by the day, and as soon as it strikes I can tell myself “no I won’t forget it because it’s in my system, just relax”. I have no doubt that I’ll eventually be as relaxed as I want.

    Speaking of email, my inbox is now empty. I used to have over 1k mails before. Like many others, I used the inbox for various different purposes, keeping reminders (except that they didn’t remind me since I didn’t exactly go through that stack very often) and reference material and so on. No more. Now I got that empty inbox and it feels great.

    Related to the reduction of stress is the increased sense of control. When I make choices, I know what my options are. Though, as above, I’m not a master here yet either. I still sometimes get a feeling I’m missing something, but it is nowhere close being like it was before when I had everything rattling about in my mind. Who knew what options and knowledge I had that I just didn’t think about in the right moment — I certainly didn’t. But thanks to GTD I do know, and I make better decisions as a result.

    Two words to describe what I’ve achieved more of: control, order, relaxation and creativity. Okay, that’s four words.

    Btw, I saw the seminar with David Allen and Mind Manager, and it looks like a great piece of software.

  3. GTD has organized my life in innumerable ways. I learned about it in early 2005 and started adopting it while I was employed as a Desktop Support person. After using it to get my space organized (including the company’s IT Sarbanes-Oxley documentation), I started to branch out into using Projects, which were limited due to my reactive support role. In January of 2006, I moved to my first Network Administration position for another company.

    MAN, I don’t think that I could keep up without GTD. My biggest project is transitioning our existing network from Novell 5.1 to Windows 2003 Server, including moving the Anti-virus, file server, and all of the mission critical apps (water billing, accounting and permits tax software). All of this was done with GTD and kept on time.

    The new budget year brings another new project to the forefront. Migrating from Novell Groupwise to Microsoft Exchange. I have the basics laid out on paper and in Evernote. I am just waiting for the budget to be approved for the year to spring this project into action.

    Some other things that have (or are still) projects: Rewriting the Computer Use Policy, Getting accurate and complete Network Documentation in place, Getting our Licensing under control and compliant, Revamping our Computer Replacement spreadsheet, and Writing a Disaster Recovery Plan.

    Also, in April of 2006, a buddy and I started Black Belt Productivity, a blog for GTD (linked at my name). It has helped me refocus my GTD efforts and become more active in my System.

    I am back to a paper-based system with my Moleskine and I love it!

    I, too, attended the Mindmap seminar with DA. I had never used maps before, but after that I have a number that are in my head and I have mapped 3-4 using the free version. This is a wonderful tool to help your GTD system shine.

    Michael Ramm

  4. Big congrats to Augusto for the huge turn around! No instant success for me after several attempts at GTD. The relentless onslaught of interuptions distracts me from hanging in there long enough to get new habits to stick.

    I’ve gotten off to a good start but soon the number of next actions and projects overwhelms my ability to make a choice.

    I’m at my desk far too much responding in decision by panic mode rather than proactively growing my biz. The @computer lists eclipse the get the heck out of the office and meet some people list.

    I made my notebook colorful, visually attractive stimulating to use but it still boiled down to endless lists the mere sight of which fry my brain. Projects and next actions blur into chaos.

    Mindmapping and visual organization is my next great hope to get where Augusto is.

    I had begun to think that GTD wasn’t good for ADD but recently stumbling on to MM software (while researching ADD friendly colleges for the kids that got the gene)I have renewed energy to give it another go.

    I’m closing up shop and not answering the phone over the Holidays to do the big clean and capture with a download of MM and Gyronix Results Manager.

    Although I’m a bit concerned about biting off a bit too much based on Marc Orchants warning re:RM’s learning curve heaped on top of MM’s.

    I’ll give you an update on progress through the week if your up for that.


  5. I have been mind mapping and using principles of GTD for a few months now and I have really seen an increase in my productivity at work. I am more organized, and seem to have a handle on what needs to be done today and what can wait until I am done with today’s tasks. I would absolutely love a free copy! Thanks!

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