Reduce The Inputs Into Your life To Increase Your Productivity…

4 thoughts on “Reduce The Inputs Into Your life To Increase Your Productivity…”

  1. Your site is awesome. The Lone Gunmen told me to check it out and I am glad I did. I am a part of the GTD Cult myself. I would like to chat with you now that you have my email.

    You definitely got a link on my blog. You should be getting way more comments on here for your efforts. So while I love your site I won’t be asking you for advice on how to get more comments. 🙂 Just kidding. I love to kid. Blogs are personal expressions and comments mean a lot to a blogger but seriously I am not getting any advice from you on how to get more comments. I warned you.

    So hit me up on email my fellow GTD Blogger or as middle easterns would say “my friend.” On cutting back on apps I think it ebbs and flows and the research you do on stuff like that make you the geek you are. You just need to make sure you implement a GTD method for tweaking, updating, and retooling GTD. 🙂

  2. Great site! As moderator on the GTD_Palm group, I think I’ve seen about every tweak imaginable. I like software, so I always have to check out the programs. I’ve signed up for a lot of Web 2.0 apps, but frankly I don’t like them. Basically, what works for me is Jpilot on Linux and memoleaf on my Palm. Anything else is overkill.

    What seems to happen is that using a new app subsitutes for doing a weekly review. You have to set up the new app, so you do all that capture/collection/processing that you should be doing weekly. The new app stops working because you aren’t doing a weekly review, so you move on to another new app. It would be simplier to stick with one piece of software and just do a weekly review, but the mind seems resistant somehow. Reviewing the stuff on your plate just is not as much fun as trying out a new piece of software.

  3. Some very good thoughts:

    1. Cut away what drwas off your attention.
    2. A new tool forces a WR

    Both quite interesting. I’ll think about them. Thank you.


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