Mobile Tech Brief:To Many Steps…

4 thoughts on “Mobile Tech Brief:To Many Steps…”

  1. Not sure where you came up with $600. She only mentioned $100 in her post. Unless, of course, you’re factoring in the cost of the Blackberry she’s using which seems unreasonable. Mobile folk need a device for telephony, e-mail, and SMS.

    Paper is good for certain things but not for all. If it works for you, that’s great but for me I use paper purely for NA captures (my NoteTaker wallet) that I get into my electronic system when I do a processing run and for reference material and personal reflections.

    My system is abit more complex because I work cross-platform and have two phones – a Treo 700P and a Nokia N93.

    My sync setup, although similar to what Judy outlines in her post, is a bit different. I don’t bother with Plaxo or Missing Sync. Between iSync on the MacBook and Nokia PC Suite on the Tablet, my phone-to-PC syncs are easy and automatic. Google Calendar is the “glue” to keep everything in sync using the same tools – Spanning Sync and SyncMyCal – that Judy is using.

    For my lists and NAs, I’m currently using Vitalist – a web based application that works with all of these devices (nice mobilized version) and as an added bonus provides iCal syncing and a Google Home Page widget. It’s free.

    I’ve been running this system for a couple of months and have had no glitches, failures, or catastrophes. It took a bit of wire twisting to get it all working but I’m in sync and up to date no matter what combination of devices I happen to be using.

  2. Man, I know your pain. I love my dash but sadly it doesn’t fit my needs. Or does it? On my blog, I go through my epic brain battle of which method of gtd I should implement. http;// Id like to know more of what you settled with.

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