Shorter Commute Equals Greater Happiness?

7 thoughts on “Shorter Commute Equals Greater Happiness?”

  1. It has to do with the nature of their commute, not the actual length of the drive. I live up in the woods and make a 30 mile commute each way. I travel through the Columbia River Gorge on state highway 14. This is a National Scenic Area. There’s light traffic and about the only slowdowns are due to work on the highway. When I drive home, the last 10 miles are basically in the woods. I have to be careful driving in as the deer feed along the highway. At home, it’s peaceful and quiet (except for the neighbor’s guinea hens!) Last night we saw 4 elk on the neighbor’s grass.

    I tried living in town, with a short commute to work. While the commute was brief, I found I did not have any quiet time to unwind. We had a highway going past us, so there was always traffic noise. We lived in a somewhat rural area but it wasn’t enough. I’ve known folks to live in the area where our new home is and commute an hour into town to work. The peace and quiet is sometimes worth a long commute.

  2. My wife and I were looking for a house and whenever we found one we liked, I would time how long it took me to get to work. We finally settled on one that was a three minute drive. With the short distance I was able to run home for lunch or during the day. A 15 minute drive wouldn’t have been bad, but it I wouldn’t have had the luxury of eating lunch every day with my wife.

    I know a lot of people use the drive home to unwind. Personally I prefer using excercise if I need some unwind time.

  3. I’m looking for a new house to live in and the real estate agent sent us a bunch of listing of homes about 2 hours away from where I work and would save me and my wife about three hundred thousand bucks…but to me the money is not worth what I would have to give up, namely time with my family.

  4. one of the best parts about being an information worker is that you can work anywhere with a broadband connection…at the moment I work from home and love not having to make that daily commute into the city

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