Open Source Mind Mapping Software Freemind Updated…

3 thoughts on “Open Source Mind Mapping Software Freemind Updated…”

  1. I have recently started using Freemind 0.9.0 rev 18 . The addition of filtering allows easy implementation of GTD. You can now associate an icon with the “Next Action” concept and filter the mind map to show only the “next actions”. So effectively, a “Next Action” can be deep with the tree structure and still be found quickly without having to copy or move tasks to a dedicated “Next Action” node. Linking to external files and websites allows the combination of knowledge base and project management tools. Calendar functions and alarms add a welcome , if basic, additional level of functionality.

    Importing from Excel and Word still seems a little flakey, but the ability to fold up the nodes works very nicely.

    Runs from a USB Drive just fine (no install req).

    Another similar but different retail product is GoalEnforcer, which has reduced display function but additional reporting features.

    Good luck to all


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