Paying For That Special Feeling

2 thoughts on “Paying For That Special Feeling”

  1. I don’t think Apple has launched a single product that wasn’t said to be overpriced–well maybe not the Shuffle or iWork, but everything else is always considered to be over priced. Apple always enters the market at the high end and then works down. This seems to work pretty well for them because they can make the extra profit from early adopters and gradually work their way down to people will a lower price point.

    However with the MacBook Air, it doesn’t look like they have really priced it at the premium they normally do for a new device. The closest thing I could find to ti is the Sony TZ Series which starts at around $2,400 for a computer with less ram and a slower processor. (The Sony does have a slightly larger hard drive.) I’m sure you can find cheaper deals from discount websites, but even with that the Air doesn’t seem to be priced as high as I would have expected.

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