GTD Power Links 02-04-08

  • Sleep hacks? "Morning fatigue and headache isn’t just from sleep debt or poor sleep. Low blood sugar following overnight fasting is often a contributing factor. Just prior to bed, have a small snack such as: a few sticks of celery with almond butter, a mandarin orange and 5-8 almonds, or plain low-fat (not fat-free) yoghurt and an apple." (via tim ferriss blog)
  • Ummm college kids using the imfamous time suck Twitter for good…"We’ve already seen many different ways to use Twitter for recreational or informational use, but weblog academhack has shown how Twitter can be extended to academic use. When assigning his students to learn how to use Twitter, Professor Dave Parry observed that class chatter went well beyond the classroom and built stronger student communities." (via lifehacker)
  • Can you learn to pay attention? "Building attention can do wonders for your memory performance. Why? Well, consider for a moment what it takes to remember. First we have to learn, or acquire, things that we want to recall later. After all, if you want to know something, you first have to get it. And that acquisition process requires – you’ve got it – attention." (via lumosity)
  • Embed Outlook on your desktop…"stumbled across what might turn out to be a handy little freeware utility called Outlook on the Desktop. This application loads a transparent view of Microsoft Outlook on top of your Windows desktop. To quote the author;" (via mygtdstuff)
  • Big Leo gives us some helpful hints on how to have a groovy day at work…"Those of you who know me by now saw this one coming. It’s very difficult to have a relaxed workday if you have too much going on. Instead, learn to reduce what you do, but choose the most impactful tasks and projects — the ones that will mean the most over the long term. I choose three important things to achieve each day, as I’ve said before. Those are the three things I can do today that will have the most impact in my life." (via zenhabits)
  • chimes in on that crazy thing called the weekly review…"Weekly reviews are a great concept and I’ve used them faithfully for the past few years. But I’ve found just setting aside time to review isn’t enough. Without any structure for your review, these weekly sessions don’t accomplish much. Random musings of the week aren’t as useful as specific ideas for tackling the next seven days." (via
  • The fine folks at davidco have just released a 3 CD set to help the "weekly review" wimps in the house get their act together…"As a follow-up to my last post, I wanted to let you know about our new 3-CD-set called "GTD – Weekly Review." I was just on a long cross-country plane ride and listened to the entire thing – and I can enthusiastically recommend it for anyone who wants to take their weekly review to the next level (or for that matter, to any level!)." (via davidco)
  • In the last six months I"ve unsubscribed to most of the podcasts I used to listen to, got the Twitter monkey off my back and allow only a few things and people to have access to my attention…"The key is to take charge of your own time and attention, Mann said. Don’t be too quick to give other people the authority to boss you around, and don’t take on habits like reading RSS feeds, fiddling with Facebook, or watching TiVo, if those habits aren’t providing you with any value." (via information week)

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