GTD Power Links 02-25-08

  • One email box to rule them all…”Gmail is free, has one of the best spam protection setups in the world, and I’m telling you today: if you use it the way I’m about to teach you, it’s the single best email productivity system in existence.” read more
  • Issues with short term memory? well you can sms yourself reminders via Kwiry…”Web site Kwiry is an SMS-based reminder service for keeping track of to-dos and reminder on-the-go. Just text your reminder to k-w-i-r-y (59479)” (via lifehacker)
  • Yet another how to guide on converting Gmail into a GTD power app…”Gmail is my primary email-software. I’ve centralized all emails in gmail and I have one private and one professional account. I’m using Gmail primarily for over 2 years now and I’m very happy. I’m backupping all my mails through POP3 in my Outlook Express.” (via remo’s blog)
  • Microsoft Word time saving tips…”Often, one paragraph or another in a document might work better above or below its current location. You don’t have to cut and paste to move paragraphs around. Just hold down the Shift and Alt keys together, then use the up and down arrow keys to move the paragraph around in the document.” (via web workers daily)
  • Family style weekly review…”Here’s what I came up with. It’s a good idea to set up a family binder or notebook to keep track of this stuff while you do the review — or else, just make sure that whatever system you each use already is at hand and ready to be added to. Schedule an hour or two when you’re both at home (maybe on a weekend morning?)” Ok you lost me with the hour or two line…if its takes more than 30 minutes something is really wrong. To me the key to real productivity is simplicity! Binders and inbox droppings no! Google calendar, a Moleskine and a nice green tea latte yes.  (via lifehack)
  • Who wants to work from the beach? raise your hands…”The designer and blogger behind the Outline Design Blog plans to spend the summer “living and working from the sandy beaches of Costa Rica” starting this month. He has put together a very good list of online resources that make his “extreme telecommuting” possible.” (via computer world)
  • A couple of cool cats from Belgium share the GTD love via Scribd

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One thought on “GTD Power Links 02-25-08

  1. Hey ubertech:

    This is David from kwiry, thanks for the mention. We are releasing some new features this week, including direct calendar integration, friend messaging and Jott integration for voice-based reminders. Please check it out, and let us know what you think.


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