Pen And Paper GTD Tools…


Chris over at The Weekly Review shares on how he does his weekly review the old school way, with pen and paper.

While I still use and believe in most of the concepts of GTD, I think Bill has an elegant solution here. Especially with the way he uses his notebook to set up his daily tasks (be sure to check out this example on Flickr). Here was something I could incorporate into my workflow. Bill uses a master list, in the back of his notebook. Mine is simply kept in Things. But I could see how his idea of including personal and work related tasks on the same page, as well as a timeline when things break down, could really work for me.

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5 thoughts on “Pen And Paper GTD Tools…

  1. Hi Michael most of the images on the blog I find on flickr…I only use images with a creative commons license and usually there is a link to the images creator under the photo…but this time I just got lazy.

    have a great day!


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