Productivity Mega Power Links 11-24-08

Back from my cyber-vacation, tanned rested and ready…so let the productivity begin!

See…all the great one’s take time off, every once and a while.

Putting ducks in rows. Reading. Setting up my first office. Helping family and friends. Signing lots of forms. Writing large checks. Learning how adults run an actual business. Reading some more. Staring and thinking. Watching my daughter learn to walk while talking to a saltine. And, one of my favorite new skills: learning to evaluate (then mostly ignore) any impulse that presses me to publish something here before my brain’s done thinking about it. In my opinion, that’s a luxury I must figure out how to afford for the rest of my life.

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Getting thang’s done with OneNote?

Within OneNote you set up tags for things like Processing, Contexts (@home, @calls, etc.), and for Projects. I additionally set up a tag for Someday/Maybe which was absent from Rob’s implementation. The tags are the most critical part of the implementation and the part that has done the most to radically improve my workflow. OneNote has checkbox style tags that allow you to tag and then check off items, very handy.

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Unclutterer is now on Twitter…so let the time sucking begin!

Unclutterer is expanding to include additional daily tips on home and office organizing over Twitter through the user account UncluttererTips.

We come across so many wonderful ideas and solutions, but not all of them have enough meat for a full Unclutterer post. Instead of letting these great ideas go unshared, we have decided to let you know about them in 140 characters or less.

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GTD…remember that? Kelly please let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

As with all of the five phases of GTD: Mastering Workflow (Collect>Process>Organize>Review>Do), Collect has best practices and worst practices:

Best practices: out of your head, into leak-proof locations, clean edges between collect and organize
Worst practices: in your head, spread all around, blended with reference and what’s already been decided (collect is not organize!)

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Google releases some new stuff for the Crackberry…

Almost a year ago, Google introduced Google Sync. This allowed for a wireless reconciliation of your BlackBerry and Google calendars. Like many other Google/Berry users, I’ve found this to be an essential BlackBerry application. This, combined with the awesome IMAP capabilities on Gmail, means that I can sync most of my Google suite with my Berry. Except, of course, for contacts. We knew this day was coming, and it’s finally here. You can now sync your Google contacts with your BlackBerry.

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Productivity magazine…

I’m deviating from my usual posting schedule this week to mention the first release of the Productive Magazine. Not only is it free to download, I’m also in it! My post on how to deal with having one of those days has been included, as well as 16 other posts from top productivity bloggers. When I was originally asked to submit something I wasn’t sure what the end result would be but having seen the finished product I’m very pleased and proud to have been a part of it.

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I actually tried to use Things…once.

Things is a GTD system designed for Mac computers with mobile applications for the iPhone and iTouch. To any user of David Allen’s productivity system, Things should look very familiar. Hot keys (or mouse clicking) will bring up a task window for easy entry. To each task, you can add notes, due dates, links to files, and customizable tags, which serve as “contexts.”

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