how do you get things done? (update)

2 thoughts on “how do you get things done? (update)”

  1. I’m still trying to figure out how to get things done!
    One thing I’ve been doing lately is using MindManager to do a brain dump and get it all where I can see it out loud. Reducing the things in my brain to simple 1-2 sentence thoughts so I can mull them over.

    Still a work in progress- hopefully someday I can really be productive!

  2. thanks for visit and comment on my blog.

    i work in medicine in the UK so i’m rarely in a fixed office.

    i use a palm treo 650 for my mobile inbasket, a hamper(literally!) in the office at home and co-ordinate it all through MonkeyGTD tiddlwiki although been a huge fan of D cubed tiddlywiki. I carry the mGTD on a usb plus SD card in my Treo and run the wiki on any computer i am close by in the hospital using, of course, firefox. the context lists i export during the weekly review to the Memo section of the Treo.

    i try very hard not to keep being tempted by new ways of GTD although have high hopes for a single unified system using an Android phone, a free online, open source system plus an unlimited data plan that i’ve been lusting after. Initial plan is to use mGTD run through tiddlyspot.

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