More With Mista Autofocus

3 thoughts on “More With Mista Autofocus”

  1. Interesting … as a stand-alone ‘system’ it is rather humorous. But, I must admit that I do a very similar thing when I am feeling a little too stressed or too weary to stay on top of my usual carefully contexted GTD-goodness.

    I center my GTD around Remember the Milk. I have always maintained an “All Tasks” smartlist. There are days where, for the reasons stated above, I will simply print out that All Tasks list and scan down it with a pen tip over and over, until eventually motivated to knock an item out.

    So, silly as it sounds as a ‘system’, i can attest that this is a nice little strategy for jump starting yourself on the ‘off’ days.

  2. Well that seems pretty horrible to me. And there does seem to be a certain irony in such a manual process being called “auto”focus

    Additionally, (to use a database analogy) this seems to be a flat table design compared to GTD’s relational database model.

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