3 Kind Of GTDers?

What kind are you?

There are three groups of people who use, or try to use, Getting Things Done, David Allen’s cult like time management system. The first group are those who follow every single step of the book religiously. The second group are those who start to read the book, get a little scared by the all or nothing approach, put the book on a shelf and forget all about it. But it’s the third group that is by far the greatest. The group that modifies the GTD system, tweaking it to make it work for them.

I’m a proud member of that third group.

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2 thoughts on “3 Kind Of GTDers?

  1. I’m a proud member of the third group as well, but I started out in groups two and one along the way. Some of the best “tweaking” ideas I’ve found from Matthew Cornell who left his traditional job to do full-time consulting and become a master at all of these productivity systems. Some examples of important tweaks I’ve picked up:

    • Closed lists
    • Marking your top three projects for the week
    • Importance of experimenting
    • Paper-based notation tips
    • Paying attention to what (de)motivates you (e.g. due dates vs. outcomes)

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