Restoring Sanity To Your Inbox


I need help my email is out of control.

I think I tried just about every email client on the market yet my inbox is still bulging full.

PCWorld’s Liane Cassavoy wrote last year that in 15 minutes SaneBox whittled her Gmail account from 32,000 messages (1,000 unread) to 1,200 messages (100 unread). I’ve used the service myself with similar results and especially liked a folder called “SaneBlackHole” into which you can put unwanted messages—doing so tells SaneBox to send messages from that sender directly to trash.

SaneBox can also tell if a message is a newsletter and send it to a folder called “SaneNews.” And if SaneBox ever puts a message in the wrong folder and you move it to a different one the platform learns from your action and won’t make the same mistake again.

SaneBox is now integrated with Boxer so check it out if you have iOS.

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