Hot Desking Anyone?

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The idea behind hot desking is that each employee is not assigned a particular desk, but rather given a variety of places to work within an office that might include desks, casual seating areas, conference spaces, or a cafe.  Many times, there are actually less desks than employees.

So I work for a university from my home office.That is to say I have a desk but most of the time I’m not at working from my desk, I’m either working in the living room or on the dining room table.

My office is paperless so I don’t have to drag around a printer or a bunch files with me, so I can literally work anywhere. All I need is my Macbook, WiFi and some good green tea.

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What Is The Deal With Slow Hotel Internet? Part 3


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I was in Lake Worth Texas last week on a business trip and the Holiday Inn Express I was staying at actually had decent WiFi!

I was actually able to watch Netflix’s on my iPad without it stuttering.

It should be a crime that a hotel can charge you 15 bucks a day for a dial up connection claiming it’s “high speed internet”.

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