Your Weeks Focus

“Strategy is not only getting to point a to point b but what are you going to accomplish by going to point a to point b -Happy Caldwell”

For me one of the things missing from some so called productivity methodologies is that the purpose for getting things done gets lost in the act of getting things done.


Lee’s Week Chart aims to give you a simple way to roadmap your week so you can accomplish what you want to, not just what you need to. Each day and week get three desired outcomes. They also get a daily focus so you can decide how you want your brain working each day. Once you fill out the chart, place it next to your desk and you’re good to go. You’ll find Lee’s full instructions and a printable copy of the chart over on his blog.

Introducing The Week Chart by David Lee

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The 6 Best Office Chairs?


So the only one of these chairs my hind quarters has actually had the pleasure sitting in is the Aeron chair and folks it was a metaphysical experience.

According to U.S. Ergonomics, here are the top chairs for comfort and health:
#1: Steelcase Leap, $850

Also on the list (in no order):
2. Freedom by Humanscale, $1305
3. Acuity by Allsteel, $1250 (covered here by Unpluggd)
4. Life by Knoll, $1240
5. Aeron by Herman Miller, $930
6. Zody by Haworth, $880 (featured here on Re-Nest)

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