This App Checks Your Heart Rate By Looking At Your Face…


It’s interesting and slightly creepy at the same time.

I had a hard time believing this was actually possible, and so I took my own pulse before using the app. The results were the same. Cardiio successfully reads your heart rate by watching the late reflected on your face. Once it has an accurate measurement it’ll show it to you, and you can save it for future reference. 

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Setting Up Repeating Tasks In Omnifocus

Need some help setting up repeating tasks in Omnifocus?

One of the great features of Omnifocus is the ability to have repeating tasks. Instead of ticking off a task and manually recreating the same one, as soon as you finish the task and tick it off, OmniFocus can be instructed to immediately recreate the same task for you. This is really useful for tasks you have to do repeatedly. Take the simple example of paying your rent – you can create a task each month that says “Pay rent” but this can be simplified by making the task once and setting it up to be a repeating task that shows up at the beginning of every month

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