Tips On Cleaning Your Nasty Filthy Office


So this is a blurry picture of my desk and when it is clean and in order I “feel” better about going into my office and actually doing some work. But when it’s dirty and all jacked up I just want to sit around and play video games.

For me environment does effect my level of productivity.

Cluttering up your work area with files, pencil holders, In/Out Baskets, note pads, etc. all fight for space in your consciousness whether you recognize it or not. A clean, organized work area is going to be a necessity if we are to deal with time successfully. “Clutter is death, it leads to thrashing,” reminds Pausch.

A great organizational tool was created by Toyota as a way to make their factories more productive. It’s called the 5S system, and while it was originally designed as a tool to help design and layout manufacturing facilities, some truly great 5S work has been done in the office environment as well.

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OK Your Productive But You’re a Jerk…

What’s the most important thing to consider when hiring a new team member?

Our culture is borderline obsessed with the focus on productivity and getting things done. And while I am certainly an advocate for those, at my office, and on my team, unity is far more valuable than productivity. Where there’s unity there’s people who love their job. And a lover will always out-work a worker.

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So do you look for the most talented candidate or the person who “fits in” with the rest of the folks?